Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Barry Hilton’s Cousins Online DVD Store

I’m looking after a friend’s house and dog in quaint residential suburb of Harfield Village for a few days. I really like the village feel about it – friendly neighbours, easy transport, restaurants and bistros.

This morning I went looking for a deli to grab breakfast but it was still too early for any of the restaurants to be open so I popped in to one of Barry Hilton’s franchised DVD stores four blocks away from home.

Basically, you login to their website and pre-book your DVD title, add it to your cart, and check-out. You can go and pick up your DVD, or they’ll deliver it to you, free of charge (terms and conditions apply).

I like this concept mostly because you avoid disappointment in driving to the store to discover that the DVD that you really want has been booked by someone else. Also, browsing online gives you the time to find exactly what you want before you even get there. The stores are modern and clean, and offer helpful service.

How to register:

Step 1: Log on to www.cousinsdvd.com
Step 2: Select the store closest to you
Step 3: Select ‘Register Here’
Step 4: Enter your details
Step 5: Select Register Me Now
Step 6: Go into the store with your ID to activate your account

You receive your 1st DVD rental free when you sign-up for a contract, compliments of ‘The Cousin’ – Barry Hilton.

Contract Offers:

Latest Releases: R 22
Old Releases: R 11
Multi-Day: special offers in-store

New Movies: R 18
Old Movies: R 9
(10 Units)

New Movies: R 17
Old Movies: R 8.50
(20 Unites)

New Movies: R 16
Old Movies: R 8
(40 units)

New Movies: R 15
Old Movies: R 7.50
(60 units)

New Movies: R 13
Old Movies: R 6.50
(80 units)

They offer thousands of DVD titles, easy browsing and quick selection of DVD’s via the internet. I’m not sure if all of their branches have computer terminals, but the one in Harfield does (Shop 1A, Harfield Village Centre, 48 2nd Avenue, Harfield Village, Claremont – Tel. 021 – 671 4187 or email harfield@cousinsdvd.com

Each store offers online browsing and selection, delivery and collection, contracts that never expire, DVD’s for sale.

You can manage your bookings online and keep series for multiple days.

You also have access to your account and rental history, and you can manage your contracts from home and set parental guidance parameters for your children.

They have outlet branches in the Eastern Cape (Cow Corner, Kabega Park, Mount Pleasant, Perridgevale, and Summerstrand), KwaZulu Natal (Bluff Superspar) and the Western Cape (Harfield).

Save time – order online.

Pull in my cousin!

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